Tom started his Drag Racing career in 1986 with the original 1971 MACHI I Mustang he drove as a teenager.  At that time he was running 13 second runs, but like most drag racers, he just wanted to go faster.

Between 1986 & 2009 Tom made many changes to the car and tried many different combinations.  The many years of trial an error has helped Tom to learn what works and what doesn’t, he has learnt how to read the motor, to tune it and how to make the changes that are needed to run at higher speeds.  When cars run at speeds in excess of 200mph many different factors affect the performance of the car, everything from chassis adjustments, tire pressure, wheelie bar height to fuel flow into and out of the motor.  The smallest of errors can cause disastrous consequences.  Tom’s many years of experience and trial & errors have taught him all he needs to know to be successful as a Pro Mod racer.

TSR Racing has taken the 2010 race season to dedicate it’s time to some major R&D and to search for more Horse Power.  More Horse Power will help the car run even faster therefore becoming more competitive.  After much hard work, and investing in some new technology TSR Racing was rewarded with a whooping 2500HP. 

Tom now has a 526 Blown Ford Hemi motor which has been dyno’d at 2500 Horsepower.  This means that Tom’s motor is the MOST POWERFUL FORD IN CANADA and maybe even the US.  No other racers, engine builders or teams in any of the racing sports have been able to accomplish what Tom has accomplished.  Accomplishments so astonishing that many other Ford racers who have spent years trying to accomplish this are now looking to Tom for guidance. 
Now fully prepared for the 2011 season TSR Racing will return to the “West Coast Pro Mod Race Tour” with 2500HP under the hood ready to kick some but!!

TSR Will defiantly be a “force” to content with.